Find a way home: Get help with your rent.

Tough times and unexpected expenses may make it difficult to afford your rent as well as other bills. For applicants who qualify, there are a number of programs available that provide rental assistance based on factors such as:
  • Income and financial situation.
  • Number of people in your household.
  • Need (if you are currently homeless, elderly, or disabled).
  • Other specific requirements determined by the program or property.
Programs that can make it possible for you to have part of all of your rent paid include national (federal), local (state, city or county), and nonprofit (charitable organizations) options. The type of program for which you may qualify to receive rental assistance and even get help with your utilities payments depends on each applicant's individual needs. Other benefits available may include help with job training, counseling, child care and more.

The largest federal program through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development offers:
  • Housing Authority vouchers (Section 8 program) for low-income individuals and families that can be used to lease a home at many types of communities.
  • Rental assistance vouchers for seniors and/or disabled persons.
  • Housing assistance for veterans and their families through Veterans Supportive Housing.
  • Emergency rental assistance and financial support for basic needs like food and medical expenses.

Over 3,500 Public Housing Agencies nationwide to serve you. Get rental assistance today. Click here to access your Housing Authority Locator.

Remember-all rental and other assistance programs are determined by the agency that operates that particular program so must contact these organizations to find out if you meet the eligibility requirements. Questions about how it all work and the best choice for your needs? Check out the Rental Housing video and learn more about getting help to find your way to a great home today!

Click here for more information about rental assistance through Housing Vouchers and the Housing Authority in your area.

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